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The commune of Cipières is located in the heart of the Grasse pre-Alps and covers a vast territory from the upper Loup valley in the north and east to the Calern plateau in the south and the crête du Gros Pounch in the west. The village of Cipières, originally a fortified village, was laid out around a castle whose existence was attested in the thirteenth century. However, there is mention of a church belonging to the bishops of Antibes well before that. In the Middle Ages, the estates of Cipières belonged to the de Grasse and then the d’Agoult families. From the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries, new districts were gradually added on to the village. Over time, the castle ceased to have a defensive function and many alterations were made to it. The territory that was dependent on Cipières also evolved. Caussols was part of Cipières from the fourteenth century and didn’t become a commune in its own right until seventeen ninety. Today, the commune of Cipières covers an area of limestone plateaux and valleys that have been carved out by water. The area is full of blockfields, swallow holes and surface depressions and there are also a lot of dry stone constructions left over from its rich agricultural and pastoral past. Scattered around the countryside alongside the paths, you’ll find stone walls, areas where stone has been cleared, dry stone huts, some with roofs, sheepfolds, pens, and shelters. Once you’ve visited the village and soaked up the slower pace of life on the village square, follow the footpaths to discover the local geology and the farm and pastoral buildings!

Practical information Cipières

Cipières Town Hall
1, La Place
06620 Cipières
Tel. +33 (0)4 93 59 96 48

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